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Shoutout Colorado Feature

I get to point out truths that we may not want to face. That’s a lucky place to be. I’m not usually the subject of stories, but this week I’m featured in an article by Shoutout Colorado. I really like their approach to creating content that any creative would want to see about themselves. In […]

Beyond Pomodoro: Could Fitness-Inspired Approaches Make You Better at Focusing and More Productive?

When we talk about productivity techniques, the one that comes up most often regarding building focus and overcoming distraction is the Pomodoro Method. Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the eighties, the Pomodoro has become pretty much the only focus technique discussed about people with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or people generally trying to build their […]

iA Writer and ADHD

Over at the iA Writer website, its creators have been discussing how people with ADHD like the distraction-free writing experience it provides.  While this isn’t here to be a paid promotion for iA Writer, I do agree that the word processing app is fantastic for ADHD.  Not needing to take my hands off the keyboard to format […]

An Injury To One: The Unique Challenges Facing Small Businesses In Rural Economies

The ongoing population and business declines in rural America are undeniable, but they need not be inevitable. Those who say that rural America is destined for perpetual decline forget that this was the prediction for large urban centers in the 1970s.– Neil A. Belson, Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship and Rural Economic Development, Third Way (Jan. 7, 2020). […]