About Me

Welcome to Tradecraft Writing. The purpose of this site is to

  • Share tools and tactics people can use to succeed in business; and,
  • Share my writing portfolio to those organizations interested in having me write or speak for them.

In other words, I talk about the tradecraft of running a business.

Originally, this page was primarily focused on my portfolio and (only) marketing topics, but it has since expanded focus. I’ve always been an explorer of ideas, so I dislike being pigeon-holed into one specialty.

Modus Operandi

Every month, I work on creating content regarding business and psychology that is useful to people, particularly those that are working on starting or maintaining their own business.

Who Is This Dude?

I’m Todd Brogowski. I am a freelance writer and photographer who creates content for publications and helps businesses create content that sells their products and services. I didn’t always do this, though.

Before my work as a writer, I worked in the intelligence community as a “human intelligence collector” (AKA, someone who works with undercover sources and who interrogates people). I also worked as a corporate investigator, digging up dirt on people engaged in misconduct and working on preventing workplace violence at The Boeing Company. As an intelligence professional, I served in the Intelligence and National Security Command (INSCOM) and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). In 2010, I received the Bronze Star while on mission in Iraq. I am a disabled veteran, and received an Honorable Discharge from the US Army in 2013.

Want more details? Check out my curriculum vitae.

Why Tradecraft?

Tradecraft is the collective name given to the system of tactics and techniques used by intelligence professionals (spies) to work with their undercover sources or to break their interrogation subjects. Often, following the tradecraft meant the difference between life and death for intelligence professionals. (For more on this, see The Moscow Rules, a fantastic memoir by Tony and Jonna Mendez, whose work inspired the movie Argo.)

Having systems in place are also critical for the neuro-divergent entrepreneur, although hopefully not life-or-death. Being able to find vital information about a potential customer, keeping abreast of quarterly tax payments, or managing productivity while enduring a depressive cycle is critical for neuro-divergent entrepreneurs. In other words, we need to develop our own tradecraft to succeed.

My Writing Work

I loved doing my job in the military and as a private security personnel, but I had always wanted to be a writer. Growing up, the stories of John Steinbeck, James Ellroy, and Edward Abbey were close companions. Finally, in 2017, with the support of my wife and our team of dogs, I began Todd’s Written Word, LLC. In 2019, we moved to rural Colorado, and I rebranded my business as Tradecraft Writing.

I have worked with professional sports teams, outdoor manufacturers, publications, retail businesses, and financial service providers. Currently, I write most frequently for the World Journal, a newspaper in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. If you would like to see more of my writing, check out my portfolio or just peruse my blog.

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