How Can I Help You?

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

When people become entrepreneurs, they do so because they are immensely skilled at what they do: accounting, healthcare, law, or other professions. More often than not, though, people don’t become entrepreneurs to write blog posts or draft advertising copy.

That’s what I do.

Tradecraft Writing exists to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in selling their products and services. I focus on creating content for businesses (and non-profits, as detailed in the grant writing section below) so that business owners can stay focused on what they do best. While I could help in many ways, I focus on the following categories of content:

  • Blogs and web pages (including SEO keywords)
  • Copywriting (such as brochures and direct mail marketing)
  • Email marketing (to provide information that convinces potential customers to buy and to encourage customers to be repeat customers)
  • Government Bids and responses to Requests for Proposals (to tap into the lucrative local and state government market)
  • Grant Writing (to help non-profits find funding to serve others)
  • Lead Magnets (to harvest email addresses for future marketing efforts)
  • Search Engine Advertisements (I am certified as a Google Ads Sales Professional)
  • Social Media Advertisements (such as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • White Papers and Case Studies

If you need help with these areas, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help.

Blog Posts and Commercial Writing

Commercial writing – also known as copywriting – is my bread and butter. I have done copywriting work for a diverse spectrum of clients, from law firms, to minor league sports teams, to mental health practitioners. Quality commercial writing comes in various forms, such as blog posts, email marketing, trifold brochures, and even scripts for radio advertisements. I can work with you to send a clear message that encourages leads to become customers.

Search Engine and Social Media Advertisements

Setting up advertising campaigns on search engines and social media can be challenging for small businesses. They need to target specific audiences, include a way to measure success, and have high-quality content (including video and imagery). Without these elements, businesses cannot attract new customers, nor can they retain existing customers’ loyalty. Frankly, I love doing this work. Putting together successful pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns for customers on search engines and social media is all about targeting demographics and experimenting. I treat these ad campaigns a lot like how a social scientist would conduct experiments. Once we know which experiment works, I then make sure we make the most of the available budget to target customers who will make purchases.

Requests for Proposals and Government Bids

Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

Drafting a bid for a government contract – a request for proposals (“RFPs”) can be challenging. State and local governments often bury their formatting requirements and needed information in pages of regulations and “lawyer speak.” Frequently, businesses need to assemble a package of exhibits and reference documents when entrepreneurs don’t have the time to drop everything for a writing project. Bids and RFPs often exceed 20 pages in length. Once, for a bid to a city in the Pacific Northwest, I was asked to assemble exhibits and documentation that exceeded 100 pages in length, even before including the actual bid.

Entrepreneurs pass these projects on to me because their experience is in selling to the private sector. As an attorney and former federal employee, I have experience meeting local, state, and federal governments’ requests. I can help businesses prepare a winning bid or response to an RFP and ensure that they can still focus on their day-to-day customers.

Grant Applications

Seeking funds from foundations and public agencies can be challenging for non-profits. Typically, foundations and government agencies want substantial documentation showing that a non-profit can achieve goals aligned with the values of the foundation or agency, which means that non-profits are required to put together lengthy narratives showing that

  • Their efforts matter to their community;
  • Funding will have a net positive effect on a non-profit’s work, either by freeing up resources for other work or by increasing the impact of their work overall;
  • Failure to fund the non-profit’s work will have negative implications for a community; and,
  • the Non-profit’s work does – or will – impact the region, not just their community.

Non-profits seeking grants are required to prepare a budget with their grant application that shows their project is economically feasible and has a reasonable likelihood of positive impact in an organization’s focus area. Non-profits need a project manager and a skilled grant writer to help their staff prepare this budget and answer those questions asked by a foundation or agency. I combine those skill sets. I have managed complex projects for organizations seeking to work with the government. I have also managed projects for both the military and the Boeing Company. I combine this experience with the compassion and persuasion needed to write winning grant applications, so non-profits can focus on helping others.